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Cape Coral Photographer, Photographer in Cape Coral, Cape Coral Wedding Photographer, Fort Myers Photographer, Fort Myers Wedding Photographer, Cape Coral Portrait Photographer
Cameras- Canon R5 and R6
Canon 5D Mark IV and 5DS

Lenses- All Canon "L" and Sigma Art 
Fort Myers Fine Art Portraits, Cape Coral Photographer, Photographer in Cape Coral, Cape Coral Wedding Photographer, Fort Myers Photographer, Fort Myers Wedding Photographer, Cape Coral Portrait Photographer
Cape Coral Portrait Photographer, Fort M

I'm based out of Cape Coral, FL but service as far as Naples and Port Charlotte.  I am willing to travel for larger events.




Photography is my passion.  I originally started shooting with and developing my own film back in the mid nineties and haven't put down a camera since. I have been featured in Popular Photography multiple times, won multiple contests and have a page on the Smithsonian's Rock & Roll website. I've also had the honor of photographing multiple celebrities including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mickey Rourke, Kathy Ireland, Bruce Buffer, Eric Trump, Michael Irvin, Billy Mays and many others. 

My goal as a photographer is to keep my clients happy through a fun, professional experience and of course to provide them with excellent images that will last them a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Where are you located?

A- I am a Cape Coral Photographer but I will shoot all of SWFL.  I also have a home based portrait studio which is located at 203 SE 16th St Cape Coral, FL 33990

Q- What should I bring to the shoot? 

A-  Anything that makes you comfortable, a jacket, water bottle, snacks, etc.

Q- Can I do a wardrobe change?

A- Yes, (as long as it is allowed with the package that you purchase) just remember it will cut into the time that we can take pictures.  Most locations that I shoot at do have public restrooms that you can change in (verify with me first if they are available).  What you need to decide is if you would rather have more pictures to choose from or if you would rather have less pictures wearing different outfits?

Q- Do you deliver every image you shoot? 

A- No,  all images that are out of focus,  bad exposure, duplicates, shots with bad expressions, shots where the eyes are closed, etc are culled from the gallery and not shown to our clients. 

Q- Do you have an indoor studio?

A- Yes, I have a home-based studio with backdrops and lighting perfect which is perfect for head shots.  I do not have a lot of room so I can only shoot a max of three people at a time.

Q- Does your studio do head shots,  senior portraits, portrait photography, engagement portraits, wedding photography, Quinceaneras, event photography,  etc.?

A- Yes, and if anything is not listed please ask as it can probably be done.

Q-Who will be my photographer?

A- Mark Schoenfelt, unlike other companies out there you know exactly who will arrive and exactly what quality of work to expect.  Larger companies with multiple photographers will only send the most experienced staff to their highest paying jobs and everyone else is left with a bait and switch.
Q- Do you touch up all the images in our gallery?  Yes, but the type of event determines how much enhancement there will be.  Concerts, corporate events, parties, etc will only have the images color, sharpening, vibrancy, etc. enhanced as they are more of a journalistic lifelike style. Head shots, portraits, senior portraits and weddings will have the same editing along with touch-ups to whiten teeth, skin color, remove blemishes, fix stray hairs, and slender face (this is my boutique edit).  The boutique edit plus includes all of the above with also slenderize the waist, increasing bust size, (or enhancing build/muscles for men).

Q- What happens if we go over the contracted amount of time? 

A- You will be asked if you would like to extend the time frame.  If you want to extend you will be charged the length of time at a pro-rated rate that is equal to what you were originally being charged.

Q- There will be downtime at my event.  Will I be charged?

A- Yes, although your event may have downtime, the photographer will still be working, culling photos,
drive time, moving equipment, lighting, etc.  Often "downtime" will give the opportunity to setup for a better photo experience for the client resulting in better images.

Q- What if we want to buy extra prints?

A- Your gallery of digital files will give you the ability to purchase any of the photos in the gallery in a range of sizes.  The photos are printed by a professional lab that prints extremely high quality photos.  You may pay more then printing your photos at Walgreens but you will know why once you receive them. 

Q- Do we need to feed you at the wedding reception?

A- It is not a contracted requirement but it would be fantastic if you did!  Usually taking photos while people are eating is not welcomed anyways, they are not at their most photogenic standards for sure.  Feeding me will also ensure that I stay cheerful and don't pass out from starvation while finishing up the event. 

Q-Can family and friends take pictures with their cell phones?

A- Yes, absolutely during the course of the day and through the ceremony it is fine.  During the one-on-one portrait time that I have allotted for photos I ask that no one be around as it can be distracting. 

Q-What is your photography style?

A-For weddings, I love the hands off approach and documentary style during most of your day.  However, I make time for posed shots at some point in the day.

Q- Will your travel for a corporate event or wedding?

A- Absolutely, if my cost are covered.  As a Cape Coral Wedding Photographer I have done weddings and engagement shoots as far as Las Vegas, Nevada.  As a Cape Coral Event Photographer I have shot corporate events in Canada, England and all over the United States.  And as a Cape Coral Portrait Photographer I have gone as far as Marco Island (most portraits are done locally).

Q-What will you wear to my shoot?

A- It depends on the event, I try to wear all black so I'm as unobtrusive as possible.  If it's a formal, black tie wedding I may wear a suit coat or if it's a laid back corporate outing I may wear a nice black polo shirt with dark colored pants.  I always wear clean polished dress shoes no matter what the event is.  I try my best to wear something that will match the occasion. 

Q- What is your equipment? Do you have backup equipment?

A- I use only full frame professional DSLR cameras and  Canon "L" or Sigma Art lenses.  I always bring two camera bodies with me although depending on the shoot one may stay put away unless it is needed. I also always bring a backup flash and SD cards as well. 

Q-Do you have a photo booth or provide videography services?

A- No, at the present time we do not.

Q-What happens if I lose my images?

A- There is a $100 replacement charge if an additional download is needed after the event.  Please back up your images once they are received in case of a hard drive failure. 

Q-What rights do I have to the digital prints

A- You can reprint the photos whenever you want but you may not sell the images for profit or publish the
images without my written consent. 
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