Portrait Photography

Studio Headshots $100

-1 hour portrait session

-3 digital files (no watermark)

-Base Photoshop edit

 -3 Point lighting/backdrop

*Price is $200 if I need to travel to your location

Individual/ Small Group Portraits $250

-2 hour portrait session
-15 digital files (no watermark)

-Boutique Photoshop edit

 (whiten teeth, remove blemishes, enhance color and background)
-Online Gallery of watermarked photos with the ability to buy professional quality prints


*This package is for individuals or small families (up to 4 people), senior portraits, engagements, maternity, etc.

Large Group Portraits $400

-2 hour portrait session

-All digital files included                       (no watermark)

-Boutique Plus Photoshop edit

 (whiten teeth, remove blemishes, slim figure, enhance color and background)
-Online Gallery of watermarked photos with the ability to buy professional quality prints


*This package is required for groups of 5 or more people, large families, etc.

Cape Coral Portrait Photographer

"As a Cape Coral Portrait Photographer I want you to have a fun experience while we create amazing images together"

All packages are digital based but include the option to purchase professional prints. I highly recommend the metallic prints, they are incredible when you see them in person.

4 X 6" -$5             8 X 10" -$15        16 X 20" -$30

5 X 7" -$8            11 X 14"  -$20       24 X 36" -$60

Print Pricing

"A portrait is more than just a photograph. It's a moment in time that is captured of you that will last long after you have left this world. It's a moment that can be passed onto your grandchildren's children so that they can have an idea of where they came from. Allow me to capture that moment and I will make sure that you have a gorgeous family heirloom that will be cherished by your families next generation. "    -Mark Schoenfelt

The Experience

Preparing For Your Portrait Photography Session

I am a Cape Coral portrait photographer who is going to strive to make your experience fun and memorable while delivering quality images. The initial phone consultation will begin with us going over the details of what you are looking for with the shoot.  The date and time will be established along with determining a location and style that you are going for. If you have  something in mind I will do my best to bring your idea to life or if you do not I will brainstorm with you to help you come up with something magical. 


Prior to the shoot I always ask my clients to look online for some poses that they find appealing and screen shot them for me.  It gives me an idea of the style that you are going for.   I will have my own poses that I will want you to do as well but I find that the poses that my clients pick often feel more natural to them and I end up getting more relaxed facial expressions. 

What to wear?  If it's just one person getting photographed, wear whatever you would like just make sure that you won't be too uncomfortable.  Remember it can be really hot in Florida and if you are sweating and miserable a half hour into the shoot that it will reflect in your photos. If it is cold out, bring a jacket and you can put it on between photos.


If we are doing a group shot try to either pick out different shades of the same color or use complementary colors like what is shown on the chart below.

After Your Portrait Photography Session
After the session has ended I will need up to two weeks to Photoshop your images.  If it Summertime I will typically have these done right away but if it is Fall thru Spring they may take me the full two weeks.  
Once finished, I will send you a link to an online gallery.  These images will all have watermarks and you will have the ability to buy professional quality prints right off of the gallery.  Any purchased prints will not have the watermark on them. when delivered.  Once you have picked out your images I will send you the hi-res digital files without a watermark.  

During Your Portrait Photography Session

If we are scheduled for an outdoor location shoot, please do not be late. I try to schedule these shoots in the early morning or in the hour before sunset as there is a very short window of time when the lighting is perfect.

Mid-day the sun is usually too bright and if you are late for an evening shoot the sun will set before we have enough time to get the pictures that we need.

While taking photos I will either verbally instruct you or show you a screenshot of the pose on my cell phone. I have personally had photographers manhandle me during a shoot and I know that it is not a pleasant experience. I do not touch my clients while posing them. 

How to pose? The biggest piece of advice I can give for posing for both men and women is that you almost always want to have all of your weight on one leg and a slight bend in the other.   This will give you much better lines and angles throughout your whole body all the way up to the top of your head. Do not slouch! 

Also, try positioning your chin slightly forward and down as it will give you a more defined jawline.


While standing, men will typically have their hands in their pockets or hold the edges of a jacket and women will put their hand on their hip.  Posing while sitting or leaning against a wall will give us more opportunities to be creative.

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9:00AM-8:00PM EST

Walk-ins for headshots are welcome

Cape Coral Engagement Photographer, Cape

Cape Coral engagement photographer Mark Schoenfelt captures a portrait of a young engaged couple.